Inicio programacion-2019 Ara Malikian: Una vida entre las cuerdas.


Dic 07 2019


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Ara Malikian: Una vida entre las cuerdas.

Ara Malikian: Una vida entre las cuerdas. Nata Moreno. España. Doc 89′ 2019. El documental muestra al polifacético violinista Ara Malikian de origen libanés y ascendencia armenia residente en España. La música salvó la vida de Ara al tener que huir de la guerra; abandonó Beirut con 14 años y desde entonces ha vivido como un nómada llevando su música por el mundo.

Nata Moreno.

She combines her facets as director and playwright.

Stage director of Ara Malikian’s shows, as well as creator and producer of his music videos and campaigns. Her documentary piece “Ara Malikian al habla” was nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards.

In 2016 she created her own production company Kokoro Films with which she has different advertising campaigns and personal projects.

Her short film “Le Chat Doré” received several national and international awards such as the “ECU (European Independent Film Festival) for best European Comedy”.

Al’Amar is her most personal and audacious work, in which she discusses immigration from the standpoint of an African woman who crosses the sea.

In 2019 she will première her first feature length documentary “Ara Malikian: una vida entre las cuerdas”.

Her works are characterised by the poetry of her images, the beauty of the photography, the portrayal and defence of social issues and the direction work with the actors.

She studied Performing Arts in the Juan Carlos Corazza International Actors Studio, combining it with international trips working alongside Augusto Fernández, Claudio Tolcachir, Adriana Roffi (Buenos Aires), Jean Guy Lecat, Peter Brook (París) and J.Strasberg (Londres), among others.

Assistant director for Will Keen and José Sanchís Sinisterra and playwright with Juan Mayorga in the department of Stage Design in the Universidad Carlos III, Madrid.

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